In April 2015, I posted about Central NuGet.config file.

Meanwhile, the project “Corporate NuGet Repository” is running for one year and four months since it’s go-live in 10/2014.

In the beginning we had 7 Packages in our repository (which is a network share, for the sake of simplicity).

By now, we have 39 Packages (10 Service Contracts among them) with:

  • Automated Continuous Integration Builds since 11/2014 (TFS builds which automatically create *.nupkg files),
  • Usage-Analysis since 11/2014 (using a parser which merges all packages.config files and the contents of the repository to XML files then use MS Excel as “frontend”),
  • Changelog since 01/2015 (with version validation and CI-Build integration),
  • a lot of internal documentation (concept and 58 blog-entries, and counting),
  • 12 MB disk usage (on out network share),
  • Top10 Reports now and then (just for fun, using Usage-Analysis) Top10 Package Report

I am really proud of this project!

Thanks to all colleagues who contribute to this project so much!